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TRX Featured in GQ, August 2013 07.22.13 Featured In "The idea behind TRX is that with just two looped straps--as embroidered a craze as there is--you can hit all the marks of a full-body workout in limited space (in your living room, on the road) and time." - TRX featured in GQ, August...
TRX Featured in Men's Health May 2013 04.05.13 Featured In "You can sculpt every muscle in your body (forever) for just a quarter of a year's gym fees. With a TRX, gravity is your PT." - TRX featured in Men's Health UK, May 2013.
SHAPE Dec 2012
TRX Featured in SHAPE Magazine December 2012 12.03.12 Featured In "Get the hang of the Navy SEAL-designed workout with these first-timer tips from Dan McDonogh, senior manager of group training and development for TRX." TRX featured in the December 2012 issue of SHAPE Magazine here.
Sports Illustrated
TRX Featured in Sports Illustrated 11.30.12 Featured In "Most workout gear is bulky, heavy, hard to transport and difficult to assemble. This system comes bundled in a small mesh bag ready to set up at home or on the go, combining cardio, yoga and pilates for a full body workout. Need inspiration?...
TRX Featured in Vogue Magazine 05.14.12 Featured In TRX featured in Vogue Magazine April, 2012. Click here to read more.
Entrepeneur Magazine Feb. 2010 01.28.10 Featured In "Of all the Testosterone fueled lessons Randy Hetrick learned as a super-buff Navy SEAL, the one that launched him into the business world was this: Sewing." TRX Inventor and CEO Randy Hetrick featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, February,...
Wall Street Journal 09.09.09 Featured In "Brees focuses on improving three areas: balance, core strength and joint integrity...He also works out nearly every day on the TRX, a Navy SEAL-designed nylon-strap suspension system. Rather than using weights, TRX pits body weight...
drew brees
Drew Brees on TRX in Sports Illustrated 01.22.07 Featured In Sports Illustrated "When they told me it was invented by a Navy SEAL, I knew it would be cool...It's just your body weight working against gravity, so you won't get injured. Now my wife uses one at home, and I'm...
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ABC News Logo
TRX Featured on ABC News May 2015 09.30.15 TRX News + Events TRX featured in ABC News Online, May 2015. Click here to read more.
Muscle & Fitness Nov2014
TRX Featured in Muscle & Fitness November... 10.23.14 TRX News + Events "In the fitness world, we're quick to judge programs and training modalities. If something is deemed 'functional,' some assume that it must be lousy at building muscle-as if mass serves no essential function. If you're...
Men's Fitness Oct 14
Olivia Munn on TRX in Men’s Fitness 10.14.14 TRX News + Events "Thanks to a hardcore training, golfing, and surfing regimen, Olivia Munn - aka Hollywood's hottest geek - is fitter than ever….'I travel with a TRX that I can attach to any door.'" Olivia Munn talks to...
strahan MH
TRX Featured in Men’s Fitness October, 2014 09.24.14 TRX News + Events "Michael Strahan may have hung up his cleats after his Super Bowl-winning 2007 season with the New York Giants, but he's still a jock at heart." TRX featured in Michael Strahan's Men's Fitness workout.
Men's Health Oct
TRX in Men’s Health October 2014 09.16.14 TRX News + Events "Suspension Training: Your workouts shouldn't be routine. Strap in for the ultimate metabolism-boosting muscle builder." Try this total-body TRX workout featured in Men's Health.
UFC 360 October
TRX in UFC: The Official Magazine... 09.11.14 TRX News + Events "For those of us who aren't looking to recapture the bantamweight division title, this style of training can still reap plenty of rewards. 'People who are flexible, work their core and achieve more full-body strength tend to not...
Today Show
TRX on the Today Show 08.12.14 TRX News + Events "Never too old! Bodybuilder trains baby boomers: Bodybuilding champion Martin Luther King Addo traded in the glory of winning competitions to teach a group of people who won't let their age stop them from exercising." TRX...
TRX featured on 08.06.14 TRX News + Events "TRX has designed one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment in the world. Its flagship product, a suspension workout system, is decidedly simple, and leverages gravity to deliver full-body workouts anytime, anywhere, regardless of...