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The Upgraded TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical, Our Most Advanced Workout System Ever

Our Most Durable Trainer - Now Includes TRX FORCE Super App.

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This Kit features our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer, the 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program and now includes the new ultra-enhanced TRX FORCE Super App that’s loaded with critical updates and added features.

$299.95 each
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Information on how to download your TRX Super App.

Peak Operational Readiness Anywhere, Anytime

  • The most comprehensive and effective conditioning program.
  • Developed from cutting edge science and direct feedback from the field.
  • Train in any environment, indoors or outdoors.
  • TRX FORCE Super App brings programming to your Smartphone.

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“The TRX enables any user to sustain a challenging PT regimen that will work every aspect of his or her fitness ...
Timothy L. Hardy MAJ, SC
3-10th S6
“I ordered a TRX almost a year ago while in Iraq. It always traveled with me on convoys and missions as it was q...
Terry Rodgers, SSG
“The TRX Force Training kit is an amazing tool that enforces functional fitness, a key component to combat readi...
Camp Lejeune
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TRX FORCE: Tactical Suspension Trainer

Our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer ever with easy to clean rubber handles and lightweight D-rings.

TRX Door Anchor

Turn any sturdy door into a training station.

TRX Door Placard

Train safe when you hang this “Workout in Progress” placard on your door.

TRX Suspension Anchor

Attaches to any sturdy anchor point such as a tree, fence, tactical vehicle or weight rack.

Ruggedized FORCE Guidebook

The printed version of the 12-week progressive TRX Tactical Conditioning Program contains two DVDs with three real-time workouts, an extensive video library with three levels of progression for 70+ exercises and pull-out exercise maps.

TRX FORCE Mesh Running Pack

Take your Suspension Trainer with you, anywhere, in this mesh running pack that doubles as a backpack.

TRX Xtender

Safely attach your Suspension Trainer to high, large or vertical anchor points.

The ultra-enhanced digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program accessible anywhere on your Smartphone. All in a world class download so no streaming is required - it goes wherever you go.

  • Extensive and indexed exercise video library: Contains three different levels of progression for every exercise in the program (more than 70) to reference instantly during your workout.
  • TRX optimized integrated countdown timers: Keep your workouts on track.
  • Randomized workout selector: Mix it up and keep it fresh.
  • Benchmark tests: Measure your progress and push your limits.
  • Agility and conditioning drills: Build athleticism.
  • A detailed reference section on how to safely deploy the Program: Perfect your form and earn your progression.
Ordering and receipt of the TRX was a breeze! I live in Macau China. The Tactical app is awesome and I am using already. TRX allows me to work out with my busy schedule and stay home and be with the family. I can get a great sweat on while the kids are there with me. Perfect
I love the versatility of my TRX Force. I travel frequently for work, and I no longer need to search for hotels with decent fitness rooms because I can throw my TRX Force in my bag and I've always got it.
I've had this product since January 2014 and Love It! Being a post back surgery patient with a double fusion, this system allows me to get a quality workout and maintain a level of fitness without compressing my back!
Love the product. Still haven't started the training program but looking forward to it.
Very well put together product. Being a stickler on attention to detail being ex military, it was obvious to me the instant I opened the box that every detail of this product was scrutinized to give the highest satisfaction. From the packaging, to the highly detailed setup instructions, to the meticulously thorough 12-week program guide; it all gave the impression of a highly polished device. Very very pleased.
Great product for the wife and i to use at home or when traveling
I am a bartender currently working on opening up my own bar. I have always been in shape and active, but nothing compares to my TRX. I used to go to the gym specifically to use the TRX, but I quit my gym, bought my TRX and the rest has been history. I get up every morning, run, then throw the TRX over a tree, wrap it around a pole, what ever I can find and get my full body work out in for the day. My mind feels clear, my strength is constantly increasing, and not to mention I'm loosing weight. NOTHING compares to a TRX. It is the single greatest fitness product any one can buy. It is truly a life changer. Thank you TRX Team.
Love this. What a great tool to use when working out. This thing has a ton of uses.
At this point I couldn't, tell you how I like the product since it still has yet to make it to me. It would have saved me money and time to ship it to the states and then have it sent over to me in a care package. Very sad the 60 in shipping did nothing for me deployed
Great and quality product overall. Awesome for staying fit on the road.
Best piece of training equipment I've ever purchased!
Great product, the quality is remarkable and the workout possibilities are endless. Great product. The included training program makes this product worth every dollar! Will post more as I progress my workout.
I'm 48 and fit. I've been working out off and on since I was 23 and in the USAF. Currently I'm an epee fencing coach teaching 3-4 classes weekly as well as fencing recreationally. I've done all kinds of workouts from standard calisthenics and weight training to the more modern video workouts with Power 90 and P90X among others. TRX and the Force workout is by far the safest, most intense, all around body, fitness, *CORE* building system I've ever used. It is so adaptable to every level of personal fitness and is truly as hard as you make it. Comparing the TRX Force and the TRX Pro equipment (my friends have TRX Pros), the Force cradles are bigger. This would be for using with boots I figure. I work out at the gym and at home and it's truly pack and play equipment. This would be great equipment for business travelers to maintain a standard routine. The included videos are good and the Force workout download to iPad works great to keep workouts on track. This is an awesome product!
love it versitile..i can wrk outside or in..i hookit up at LA Fitness...i use it at home & most important i can tk it with me on the road...& cont. my same workout with out missing a beat
TRX Force Kit Tactical has been the best investment into my personal fitness that I have made in many years. I have tried strength, cardio, interval, and barbarian workout and have not gotten near as much results from them as I have in a month of TRX Force training. I am getting all of what I mentioned above plus so much more. I feel more energized when playing with my kids, I feel more alive, and functioning on all cylinders at work. I have not gotten the six pack abs back yet, but with this workout and changes in my eating I'll be there soon enough. But for now I am completely satisfied with being able to give my family all of me instead of what's leftover from a long day of work and serving others. This is what real fitness is about to me. Thanks Team TRX!!!
Luv my TRX tactical!
"My Only Regret is not buying this sooner..... I've been on an amazing fitness journey over the last year and a half-P90X/P90X2/LesMills Combat have brought me from a 210 pound smoker w/ emphysema and an extreme fast food junkie to a Healthy 174lb nonsmoking, extremely fit Fitness Junkie !!! I find myself wanting to learn more and more about fitness; I was looking to go to the next level , and began researching TRX 6 months ago!! Truth be told I was a little nervous that I was not ready for it!, I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and purchased the Tactical Force-my only regret is I did not get it sooner!! I absolutely love the TRX Tactical and the App is just perfect for someone like me always on the move and I am definitely not a gym person!! TRX Tactical fits in w/ my lifestyle and really compliments my P90X2 workouts!! My goal for this next year is to become P90X and TRX Certified!! I honestly believe TRX Tactical will get me there!! Thank you TRX for the inspiration!! One last note to anyone on the fence about their fitness level and purchasing the TRX-Just Do It - The "TRX" is perfect for all fitness levels!!
I've had an original TRX for a couple of years now & love it, no reason to think any less from the new one.
The quality of this product has improved a lot, and I think the former one was high quality alredy!
Who the hell needs to go to the gym when you can get better results in about half the time. Of course if you think you want muscels to exhibit go to gym and lift barbells.But if you like to have real power go and use the TRX.
A great investment to get in shape or augment and existing workout. Fantastic for travelers that want to maintain fitness.
I love this equipment. I bought it while I was in Iraq. It was great we could take it anywhere and get a great work out even if we werent near the gym.
The greatest workout equipment !
I've used TRX at a local boot camp for a couple of years and love it. I recently purchased the Force Kit and have only used it a little bit, as I am in the final week of Insanity, which is also an amazing workout! Anyway, I did not see specific information regarding the pre-test. Anyone know where I can find it? I want to be able to track my progress and compare before and after, etc. Thank you.
Nice one
Rubber handles for grip. Upgraded nylon to make it last longer, and a 12 week Tactical Conditioning program to get you ready for all of you physical tasks in life.
greatest workout equipment i have bought i years. it hits all the muscles
i love it. but why is the foot cradles so big. i'm slipping tru all the time:( what do i do about that?
I would HIGHLY recommend this website to purchase your TRX!..I just received mine yesterday.. Professional speedy delivery...packaged nicely...quality product...superb pricing...what more can one ask for?..I can't wait to use it!...I showed my trainer yesterday and he and I think the "New TRX Force" is SLAMMIN'...Thank you so much....You will for sure hear from me again!...Happy New Rear....Hehehehe I mean year Sincerely, Debbie~~
I agree with 'gilligan' and oddly enough my last name is Gilligan as well. The men in the field and the folks at home don't need CD's software issues. ect PLUS the environmental impact for the unit as a whole would be significant less. Making a iTunes download would allow for greater membership through gyms across the pond and in some tent in Afghanistan.. or just as easily in a gym where the straps are used by a TRX certified trainer maybe? I think highly on the product and the methodology to getting a fuller core workout without hurting your body. I thing the bag was a cool catch.. Might you consider a more durable bag.. and or sewing MOLLE attachment points so you can fixup pockets for gloves, towels, water, ect~ and Making a durable attachment loop reinforced so this whole bag can be tacked into a bunch of gear on the outside of a vehicle with a carabiner.
The program looks great (just 2 days into the 12-week program). I especially like the mobility program, which is stressed a great deal. The newer unit is definitely improved and I look forward to using it for many years to come. Keep the new programs and products coming. TRX is really on the "cutting edge" of training. Both my wife and I love your products.
I have the P1, P2 and P2 Force so this is by far the best yet. I love the new look and the backpack that it comes with. The most obvious upgrades are the rubber handles, which reduces the wear and tear, and the weight.
This new FORCE Kit is incredible. The big changes in this "home gym" are that the Suspension Trainer has a lot of upgrades, and there's a new full blown 12 week workout program. The TRX Suspension Trainer itself is lighter, comes with slicker, easier tabs for adjusting and also really durable rubber handles. The Kit also came with a 12 week workout program and DVDs to help get started. It's a BIG workout program that gets harder over time as your body gets stronger. Pretty impressive and every exercise is on video as well as in the book. Kit comes with a door anchor for working out at home, and anchors so you can take it outside to the gym or anywhere, just like they say. OH! And also it comes with a cool little carry bag. I love to run and then train, so it's great for me to use the little backpack and run w/ my TRX. It has pockets for your keys and iPhone. All in all, it's pretty slick and definitely worth the money if you're serious about working out. This will take care of you for the next few years at least.
This equipment and system would best be served and presented in a Application and made available on iTunes Health and Fitness. Then I would not need the DVD, Phase Booklet. instructions or any updating mailed or printed for me. Consolidation of items, lower cost presented in a simplified but Quality package. I would pay $99.00 for the straps and bands, and up to $9.99 for the App. Resulting in lighter streamlined travel and accessibility.