The Most Comprehensive Digital Workout Program Ever, Available for Everyone. Now with New Features and Our Four-Week Pull-Up Program

The revolutionary new TRX FORCE Super App brings world-class fitness to your iPhone or Android Device to get you fit for duty--or life.

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This is the ultra-enhanced digital version of the comprehensive, 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program used in all branches of the US Military.

$39.99 each

Information on how to download your TRX Super App.

The first TRX Training Super App ever created.

  • 12-weeks of workouts.
  • Extensive indexed exercise video library.
  • Randomized workout selector.
  • NEW: Share your workouts on Social Media.
  • NEW: Four-week pull-up prep program.

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“The TRX enables any user to sustain a challenging PT regimen that will work every aspect of his or her fitness ...
Timothy L. Hardy MAJ, SC
3-10th S6
“I ordered a TRX almost a year ago while in Iraq. It always traveled with me on convoys and missions as it was q...
Terry Rodgers, SSG
“The TRX Force Training kit is an amazing tool that enforces functional fitness, a key component to combat readi...
Camp Lejeune
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TRX-optimized, integrated countdown timers:

Keep your workouts on track.

Randomized workout selector:

Mix it up and keep it fresh.

Benchmark tests:

Measure your progress and push your limits.

Extensive, indexed exercise video library:

Contains three different levels of progression for every exercise in the program (more than 70) to reference instantly during your workout.

Agility and conditioning drills:

Build athleticism.

Detailed reference section shows how to deploy the Program:

Perfect your form and earn your progression.


The ultra-enhanced digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program accessible anywhere on your Smartphone. All in a world class download so no streaming is required--it goes wherever you go.

I use this app four times a week and it has changed my life. It is the best TRX app out there and I wear my iphone on a wrist strap during my workouts. It's just awesome. I would love the ability to creat my own workouts, not just use their randomizer. Please include this in an update and it would be perfect.
good app but if i bought the art force whyyyy no free app grgrgrg I'm no happy at all
Love this App! I had taken TRX class before with an excellent instructor so this was very easy to just hook up at the gym and to do. the built in timer is great as I dont have to moniter the clock for time and can focus on form. Finished the entire 12 week program earlier this year, will doit again, atleastonce, in 2014
Ok I see the complaints for the price. Yes it is expensive but it's actually a great app. Basically replaces the Force book. Every workout, ever exercise with video demo & explanation, built in timer for timed exercises. 4 stars because of the higher price, but the value is probably there. We are just used to paying next to nothing for apps.
it is really comfortable to be guided into the exercises and helped to keep the timing. Unfortunately, when I mark a session as complete, the App does not remember... so I have to keep track manually of what session I have to do next.. little problem and hopefully an easy solution is on the way