Train anytime, anywhere and get mission ready with TRX FORCE®. Scalable to any fitness level, TRX FORCE combines proven world-class training tools with an innovative, new 12-week integrated functional strength and mobility regimen to make you and your command stronger, faster and more durable.


We are committed to the military in every possible way. Founded and staffed by veterans, TRX has donated more than $100,000 worth of equipment and training to various Wounded Warrior organizations and individuals.

Get Mission Ready With TRX FORCE®

For Units: TRX FORCE is used throughout the US military with tactical athletes of all fitness levels. The progressive 12-week program is designed to raise functional fitness and PT scores while helping to reduce the risk of injury.  


For Contracts: Specifications: The TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical weighs 1.5lbs, stows in an MRE-sized bag, and features high quality industrial grade construction rated up to 1000 lbs.

“[TRX] has the adaptability for use in my FEP program, with my elite sailors and for rehabilitation before, during and after deployment.”
Robert Poling, CDR
“I ordered a TRX almost a year ago while in Iraq. It always traveled with me on convoys and missions as it was quick and easy to set up and I could get a great workout in anywhere or anytime. I rotated from Iraq to Afganistan and my TRX continued on missions with me. Not too long ago we were traveling a one lane road up into the mountains when my vehicle was struck by an IED causing a fire that burned our victor and our equipment. Luckily we escaped with only some minor injuries to my soldiers and myself. Needless to say though my TRX was destroyed in the fire, so that is why I have ordered another one. Thank you guys for all the great support you give to the military personnel serving through out the world.”
Terry Rodgers, SSG
Case Studies

Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry West


In an effort to find the optimal tool for maintaining peak operational readiness while in a challenging school-house training environment, the Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry West conducted a study of 200 Marines who used the TRX...


Kandahar Airfield


TRX proved to be a successful fitness solution for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th mountain division during a three-year deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq. The TRX Suspension Trainer was a practical and comprehensive alternative to carrying...

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